Exceptional Driveways are expert block paving contractors Birmingham. Registered installers of driveways and patios areas in Birmingham. Experienced contractors for all styles of driveway and patio paving. We provide a range of installation choices ranging from standard block paving to cobble stones, Tegula and permeable paving solutions. Affordable paving contractors. Quality workmanship.

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Block paving should be viewed as an investment for years to come, the versatile manner that we can transform your driveway or patio is unrivaled. From functional driveways done with paving to imaginatively designed patios, our projects from the smallest to the largest, set the tone for the character of that home to shine through. Guaranteed driveway installations done at an affordable price by your local paving contractors.

We insist on using only the highest quality products available, which when combined to our craftsmanship, experience and good design bring a distinctive elegance to any outdoor space. We can create any shape from flowing curves to more elaborate designs using the latest diamond cutting equipment, along with our painstaking care to ensure every driveway in Birmingham is installed to our rigorous standards.


We can install block paving in multiple styles. Standard paving is normally installed in a 45 or 90 degree herringbone pattern to help interlock the paving.

Cobble stones or Tegula paving is installed in either a staggered or 3 sized pattern allowing a more random pattern and giving a uniform look to your driveway or pattern.



Installing driveway paving, asphalt paving and gravel at great prices. We have built our reputation on being an outstanding driveway contractor in Birmingham. Customer service, after market care and reliable service are some of the reasons why we are a popular choice in Birmingham.

Expert installers of all types of paving products ranging from Marshalls, Tobermore and Barleystone products. During our free visit, we can provide samples of paving to help you pick the right option for your driveway or patio in Birmingham. Call now your paving contractors Birmingham of choice for driveways to book your appointment, We look forward to hearing from you.

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