Exceptional Driveways installs all types of standard block paving in Birmingham. Ranging from the Driveline range from Marshalls to options from Barleystone and Formpave. We install our standard block paving at a 45 degree or 90 degree pattern generally on driveways and patios to provide long term stability for your standard paving.

If you are you looking for an approved installer for block paving in Birmingham, West Midlands, Call Exceptional Landscaping and Driveways. We always install our standard block paving on driveway and patios to Marshalls approved paving installation standards. All work covered by our written installation guarantee.

Standard Driveline paving from Marshalls is available in a range of colours. The most common form of Driveline is the 50mm Driveline range, however if the standard block paving will be getting heavy vehicular traffic from HGV lorry’s we recommend opting for the 60mm option.


Opting for a standard block paved driveway or patio in Birmingham, West Midlands is the most affordable option. Option block paving options like Tegula paving are more expensive to buy and slightly slower to install. This translates to a slight increase in our price if we are installing Tegula paving. Our team are skilled contractors at installing standard block paving in Birmingham, capable of transforming any driveway or patio area with paving at a competitive price.

We provide a range of extra options to go along with your standard block paving including matching paved steps, block paving kerb installations, granite borders, channel drainage for your paved driveway, recessed inspection chambers, custom paving designs and patterns, multiple laying styles of standard block paving and more.

Experts At Installing Standard Block Paving in Birmingham

Standard block paving offers great value, a wide choice in colours and laying styles and is very easy to maintain all year round. Easy to repair or replace damaged standard paving by replacing the individual paving should they become damaged in any way, rather than having to install a new paving area.

Standard Block Paving Driveway Experts in Birmingham

Standard block paving driveway or patio areas when installed by professional paving contractors like Exceptional Landscaping, can increase the value of your home, enhance the outlook of your home and have a durable and long lasting lifespan. Alternatively you can visit our paving section for a driveway installation by a paving expert in Birmingham, West Midlands.